Oskar Hartmann has had an extremely successful run through his initial 20 years of entrepreneurship. He has launched new businesses, achieved successful exits, and has then made a string of extremely strategic investments in tech unicorns. This success has brought him the financial resources to live comfortably and to provide for his family. However, Oskar has not been content with this as he always reflects on some of the opportunity afforded to him to help achieve this success. He receives a steady flow of emails and other notes of gratitude and feedback from people who really benefited from Oskar’s philosophy through his book and his YouTube channel. These messages have energized him with energy and incentive to continue to development new ideas and to keep active, but more so it has inspired him to look for ways to ‘give back’ for others to guide them on their own path towards their goals and aspirations.

Everything Oskar does is dedicated to his philosophical notion of life. He explores what is widely considered to create a full and happy life, and to help others identify and defeat the hurdles that prevent individuals from achieving these and what drives them backwards rather than forwards to happiness and fulfillment. Oskar is deeply convinced that the most important component of a successful and fulfilling life is ‘Action’. After all, it is ‘Action’ that turns dreams into reality.

I am a man of action and man of construction. This is my main value, my habit, a muscle that I train every day.

Oskar Hartmann

All of Oskar’s initiatives, organizations and appeals are aimed at inspiring people ‘get off the couch’ and finally start ‘acting’. The cherished goal of an entrepreneur is to inspire people by using his own example to guide others forward on the journey towards the life they dream of.

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