In addition to his philosophy of action, Oskar lives by a code of conduct that he defined for himself, called “decathlon.”Oskar firmly believes that  one should not put all of their effort  and time into a single area of focus, whether it be business, career, education, sports or family. If one makes the mistake of not balancing priorities, then the other components of life will suffer as a result. 

Oskar believes that harmony in life is achieved when a person can effectively balance multiple important areas of focus at the same time. . The best entrepreneurs show that it is possible to be an active person, constantly advancing towards their dreams, and at the same time exhibiting balance and harmony with himself. Oskar explains that by doing this with great diligence it is quite feasible. “If you can effectively distribute your energy across the key  components of your life — family, career, relationships, health and hobbies — you will achieve  a calm, zen-like ability to focus in life.” 

Concentrating his attention not only on business, Oskar has identified 10 crucial pillars in life that contribute to his definition of success: 

  • Positivity: Remaining an optimistic, , energetic, life-loving person
  • Husband: Sustaining a long-term, devoted relationship
  • Father: Providing unconditional love and support to his children
  • Family: Actively participating in his tribe as a son, brother, cousin and uncle
  • Fraternity: Being a trusted and reliable friend and partner
  • Businessman: Constructing, innovating and leading teams to create the impossible
  • Investor: Balancing risk with potential, providing guidance and monetary support
  • Philanthropist: Helping other entrepreneurs by sharing experience, connections and time
  • Health: Challenging his body as a high-performance athlete to progress every day
  • Mind & soul: Always nourishing his brain, soul and spirit to be aware and conscious of others

In his book Just Do It! Do it Easy! and on his YouTube, Instagram and Telegram channels, Oskar urges others to nurture  their own decathlon pillars. He explains  how to apply these principles of balance and focus  in your own life, and why composure is essential for achieving harmony and success, not only as an entrepreneur, but foremost as a person.

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