In addition to his philosophy of Action, Oskar Hartmann defines term “Decathlon” as a derivative of the meaning of life — a principle that he invented for himself. Oskar is convinced that a person should not put place all of their strength and time into just one area of focus, whether it be their business, career, sports or their family. If one makes this mistake, then the other components of their life are often cast aside and will suffer as a result. A well-off person will be sick and lonely, and a successful athlete will be left without the means of livelihood. Oskar believes that ‘harmony’ in a person’s life is achieved when a person develops a balanced set of directions. The best entrepreneurs show that it is possible to be a truly active person, being in constant active movement towards their dreams, and at the same time exhibiting balance and harmony with himself. Oskar explains that by doing this with great diligence it is quite feasible. “If you can effectively dose all the components of your life — family, career, relationships, health and hobbies — you will get the most beautiful composition of your life”. Focusing his strong attention not only to business, but also to sports, creativity, and family, Oskar has identified 10 principles that he deploys for his success.

  • A healthy, energetic, life-loving person
  • Husband
  • Fathe
  • Son, brother, part of his family
  • Friend and partner
  • Businessman
  • Investor
  • Philanthropist with a focus on entrepreneurship development
  • Athlete, sprinter, rower
  • A spiritual person with a hobby

In his book “Just Do it! Do It Easy!” on his YouTube, Instagram and Telegram channels, Oskar urges others to follow his example. He tells you how to apply this practice into your own situations, and why it is of such great importance for achieving harmony and success not only in the life of entrepreneurs, but also of any person in general.

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