Oskar Hartmann has been happy for many years in his one and only marriage. He is married to Tatiana Hartmann, with whom the entrepreneur has three children: two sons and a daughter. Oskar met his future wife while still a student when he came to Moscow on an experience exchange program. Tatiana is a loyal companion of Oskar in all spheres of life. In her statements, she is in deep solidarity with her husband and believes that the basic business and human qualities of a person are laid down in childhood. The Hartmanns attach great importance to the upbringing and education of children, so they decided not to send them to study abroad, so as not to destroy family ties and take an active part in their formation.

Applying his own «decathlon» principle, Oskar tries not to focus all attention on work activities in order to devote as much time as possible to his family.

I am grateful to my wife Tatiana. Thanks to her I was able to remain human. She didn’t let me turn into a business machine and helped me to reach peace in my self-consciousness.

Oskar Hartmann

Oskar and Tatiana travel a lot with their children and have already made more than a hundred trips around the world. Hartmann is convinced that if parents want to give their children unconditional love, then they should try to be a positive example in everything: in relationships with the second half, in a friendly atmosphere at home, in a quality pastime with the family. The Hartmanns support the ideas and identities of their children, while not trying to make them the best copies of themselves.

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