Oskar founded started his entrepreneurship career in Germany, with an online sports nutrition store. In 2010 he then created Sapato, an online site for new shoe collections. Continuing this foray into retail ventures, he subsequently created live-TV store — Shopping Live — which brought European quality products to the Russian market and quickly became the standard-bearer and sales leader among its competitors and imitators. Oskar’s quick successes as an early entrepreneur in building businesses from scratch soon draw the attention of partners, investors, and buyers. In 2012 Sapato was acquired by Ozon, enabling Oskar to became a shareholder of as a result. At the same time Hartmann sold his main share in Shopping Live, a liquidity event which allowed him to reinvest his capital into launching several new enterprises of his own: Teamo, Carprice, Relevant Media, HomeMarket, Aktivo, Vitaportal, AutoSpot, Iqcard, Hlebnoe mesto and several Internet companies.

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