Oskar balances his lifelong entrepreneurial and investing pursuits with a versatile personal life that sees him delving passionately into his many hobbies. In 2017, he launched his personal YouTube channel which has since exceeded 30 million viewers. His channel puts out professionally produced video feed accompanied with numerous practical tips and useful information for current businessmen and those looking for a path for launching their own entrepreneurial or investing careers. Beyond the business advice, Oskar gives equal importance to what he sees as the most important philosophical question: “What brings fulfillment and happiness to a person’s life?”. Along this theme, Oskar is the author of a bestselling book “Just Do It! Do It easy” which has shifted 150,000 copies. The book is a detailed guide for entrepreneurs and individuals seeking best-practice tips to successfully manage their lives and achieve their goals. In the book Oskar focuses on helping his audience build the right strategic thinking and action plan that works best for them in navigating towards achieving their own goals. Many readers of the book have found this angle to be valuable to them, the focus on creating their unique paths to happiness and fulfillment, rather than focusing on Oskar’s achievements or solely on how he reached his success as a universal recipe for everyone to follow.

Oskar is also a competitive and accomplished athlete. He competes regularly in indoor rowing, swimming, running, and is a prolific parachute jumper. In 2019 Oskar broke Australian champion rower Benjamin Smith’s world record for 100-meter sprint rowing in St. Petersburg, Russia. As if you needed proof of his work/life balance, Oskar achieved this during one of the largest business forums that he was participating in, the “Synergy” conference. In 2021 Oskar started what has become his newest sports passion — professional cycling. He is mentored in this new hobby by world champion and Olympic medalist Russian cyclist Denis Dmitriev. This year, Oskar is actively pursuing his ‘master of sports in cycling’ certificate while simultaneously managing each of his businesses.

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