Oskar Hartmann is a venture capitalist and is widely recognized as one of the world’s most successful business angels. He is a co-founder and partner of Fast Lane Ventures, Simile Ventures Partners, and LARIX funds. Oskar has had extraordinary success investing across a wide array of international companies such as: Auto1 Group, Casacanda (, Frontier Car Group, Fashion And You, Sukar, Nanjacart, June Homes, and 

Oskar’s venture investment portfolio includes more than 70 companies, many of which are invested through his family holding entity, Hartmann Holdings. Fourteen of his investments have already reached a $1 billion-plus capitalization, propelling Oskar to “unicorn angel’ status. By 2018, he was listed as one of Germany’s 1,000 wealthiest residents. 

Recognized by numerous global awards, including  “Investment Mastert” at EY’s Russia Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 awards, Oskar is not only an award-winner, he also acts as an ambassador and an active participant in several annual competitions for his fellow entrepreneurs such as the “Breakthrough of the Year” and the “EY-Entrepreneur of the Year” awards.

Oskar’s philosophy revolving around his investments is simple: He views all the processes leading up to  making an investment as a pathway for exploring and experiencing all that the world offers. His investment goals have always been to seek new ideas and support strong values that transform the world and its citizens for the better.

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