For the first ten years of his entrepreneurial activity, Oskar successfully managed all his projects, focusing on all the opportunities they could provide him with. After reaching a certain point, Hartman had the necessary amount of resources not only to provide for himself and his family. Remembering how the scholarship he received helped him back in the day, Oskar set himself the goal of helping others on their path towards their goals and aspirations. Letters full of gratitude and feedback from people who really benefited from Oskar’s philosophy charge him with energy and incentive to further development.

Everything Oskar Hartmann does is dedicated to the notion of life. He explores what is widely considered to create a full and happy life, and what hampers these processes and pulls a person down. Oskar is deeply convinced that the most important component of a successful and fulfilling life is Action. After all, it is Action that turns dreams into reality.

I am a man of action and man of construction. This is my main value, my habit, a muscle that I train every day.

Oskar Hartmann

All of Hartmann’s initiatives, organizations and appeals are aimed at helping people get off the couch and finally start acting. The cherished goal of an entrepreneur is to inspire people by setting his own example, to guide them forward on the journey towards the life they dream of.

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