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Since 2017 the entrepreneur has been running his YouTube channel, the total coverage of which exceeds thirty million viewers. Hartmann puts out professionally filmed fascinating videos along with a lot of practical tips and useful information for potential and current businessmen.

Oskar is the author of a bestselling book called «Just do it! Do it easy!» with a circulation of more than 30,000 copies. This is a detailed guide for entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to learn how to manage their lives and achieve goals as successfully as possible. Oskar’s book is about focusing on actions, practical lessons, the path traveled and the people met. On the pages of the book, the reader will get acquainted with Hartmann’s life principles and the philosophy he created. The book was warmly received by the business community and ordinary readers. At the presentation Oskar Hartmann signed all 30,000 copies of his book personally with the cameras turned on, spending about thirty hours on it. Among other hobbies Oscar is fond of playing the accordion, travels a lot with his family.

Oskar is also keen on sports: he is seriously engaged in indoor rowing, swimming, running, has performed parachute jumps numerous times. In 2019 one of the largest business forums «Synergy» took place in St. Petersburg, where right during the forum Hartmann broke the world record in 100-meter sprint rowing which previously belonged to Benjamin Smith. In 2021 Oskar started professional cycling. His mentor is the world champion in cycling, Honored Master of Sports Denis Dmitriev, and in 2022 the entrepreneur is already planning to go in for the title of candidate master of sports in cycling.


Oskar Hartmann took part in the project «Secret Millionaire», which aired on the russian TV channel «Friday!». The concept of the program was that businessmen had to live incognito for five days without any means of livelihood. The hero could only count on the support of strangers and his personal qualities. During the filming Oskar lost 7 kg, and eventually spent 5 million rubles on gifts to those who helped the traveler Franz — a fictitious name the businessman came up with in the project. After the show Hartmann paid for the renovation of the apartment and the purchase of new furniture for the family with whom he lived. In addition, the entrepreneur presented 250 thousand rubles for the purchase of a wheelchair for the boy. Oskar transferred 3 million rubles to a volunteer organization that helped Hartmann without acknowledging that he was a millionaire.


Oskar Hartmann was diagnosed with an incurable disease — Bekhterev’s disease (Ankylosing spondylitis). This is a chronic joint disease, followed by the spinal vertebrae of a person growing together, and eventually making a person literally bend. However, for the businessman the doctors’ conclusions did not become a verdict, but turned into motivation for regular sports.

I got up and walked. While I was walking, I found the strength to run.

Oskar Hartmann

On October 5, 2019, the entrepreneur set a world record in indoor rowing and it was the day, Hartmann spoke publicly about his illness for the first time.

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