Oskar Hartmann is one of the most highly sought-after speakers at industry events and conferences. He talks openly about the importance of having  an active approach to business and life, as well as the benefits of positive thinking.

Oskar devotes a significant part of his time to the development of entrepreneurship around the world. His initiatives are aimed at supporting the potential of young, talented people to become successful entrepreneurs. More than 20,000 people a year participate in programs and seminars created by Oskar entrepreneurship.

Oskar not only has created, but also oversees, many communities for entrepreneurs:

  1. The Preaktum Leadership Program is an educational ecosystem that connects companies and young entrepreneurs. Interactive courses from leading experts at global companies are held on its educational platform. Participants can study marketing, sales, programming, business models and economics.


  1. Equium is a business community that unites entrepreneurs who are able to build multibillion-dollar companies that  also support socially transformative activities to change society for the better. This community aims to improve human well-being through the development of entrepreneurship and the popularization of positive role models.


  1. PRO Women is an international non-profit community created to help women improve  their lives by assisting them in launching businesses, achieving goals, and realizing their dreams with the support of like-minded groups.

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