Sergey Shalugin
My sincere thanks and respect to you, Oskar!
I can’t express my words in one sentence as there are a lot of them, so I just thank you and ask you to share your knowledge with us when you dispose free time and desire as they are of great importance and value.
The majority of people who need to experience all the mistakes the hard way are eliminated, and those who understand and accept these facts are getting closer and stronger with you.
Arkady Gordanov
Many years later people will watch Oskar Hartmann’s videos and learn to live by them. It’s like Tsoi’s songs, the artist is no longer alive but his legacy can not be removed from history.
Ilya Denisyuk
Thank you Oskar
I recommend you hang a photo of Oskar on the wall and look at him more often. As has been scientifically proven, productivity increases. It will be a shame to keep on doing nonsense now
Try it, it costs nothing to do it and look him in the eyes more often, you can even share your successes
Just do it, do it easy!
Live happily ever after
Maxim Alabin
Oskar, thank you for just doing and doing it simply, your life and YouTube channel are that most powerful squeeze of information and a call to action that always give an impetus to go forward and only forward. I wish you happiness, health, family well-being and the realization of all your life projects!
It was 00.40 when I sat down at the computer to watch something. I didn’t even know what. I had two options: to continue watching the series or to watch the new Oskar Hartmann video. I chose Oskar. And what I hear. Wow! Just yesterday I was thinking about the same thing. I have a favorite activity, I have my own YouTube channel, I have a lot of interesting ideas, I have worries, I have goals, I have time, as much as I want. So what? For some time now I started watching TV shows, I started going to bed late. What’s happening? I don’t understand myself, the inner voice says: Well, I’ll just watch one episode and turn it off, because nothing terrible will happen. So, Oskar’s video is more than ever welcome. Thank you very much! There is something to think about seriously. It is necessary to return to the previous rhythm of life, because what is happening now has not always been the same. Thank you once again!
Eddie Astanin
Dear Oskar, good afternoon,
While on vacation, I listened to your conversation with E. Kogan on YouTube.
I just want to express my gratitude for an interesting and informative interview + admiration for your hobbies with peak extreme experiments as a way of self-development.
We meet periodically in the format of meetings of the National Assembly of the Moscow Stock Exchange.
With respect,
Eddie Astanin
Chairman of the Management Board of CCP NCC
Moscow Exchange Group
Haydar Ismailov
Oskar, thank you so much for your thoughts and for the book. I can advise everybody to read it. Rather than letting in crappy content from social networks, TV and the media, take the time to read this book. It will benefit anyone, even an already established and successful one. Keep up the good work Oskar. This world needs people like you.
Elena Samoylova
Good evening, Oskar ! Your thoughts, your actions are like a ray of light in the dark sometimes…Thank you for sharing with us the experience (not easy at times) of your life … All the happiness to you !!!
Tagir Abasov
The book changes the outlook on life! Reading it is not only useful, but also very interesting. The contents seem to be simple, but they are so well structured and explained that after reading it, just take it right away and just do what will lead you to your goals.
Alexandra Vybornova
Thank you so much for the valuable information! I have never heard such a thing in my life, these are the real tricks of a practitioner, a professional. It is unlikely that this is taught somewhere else. Oskar is a founder and an investor in one person, he can cover the issue from both sides. Thanks! Your contribution is priceless! I’m looking forward to the next videos. I regret that one can only put one like on YouTube.
Ivan Kollegov
I don’t have a TV at home, I don’t watch TV shows, because it’s a pity to waste time on it. But I’m waiting for the Oskar’s releases like a girl is waiting for a wedding. And the most interesting thing is that they are incredibly into the topic of life. I consider this a good sign, I take it into service. Thanks!
Mikhail Izmailov
While watching the video, I calculated the economy, spent 32 minutes of my personal time and 43 kopeks to pay for the Internet for these 32 minutes) And Oskar spent 100,000 rubles for recording this video lecture and providing salary for operators and editing. The benefit of the video is off the scale. It is clear that Oskar has been through all this more than once and knows what he is talking about.
Azat Urazaleev
One feels the energy that a person has really come a very long way, even in words, gestures and intonation, has seen the fate of many people, and when he talks about the mistakes of people on his way, it is clear that he is really sad for these people and he sympathizes with them. Oskar, what you are doing is simply priceless, one needs to live a lifetime to understand what you are saying. And I am grateful to you for watching this video at a fairly young age at the beginning of my journey and having you as my teacher. I don’t have a mentor in real life, but there is you, a person who shares his thoughts and his experience and it is very valuable, more valuable than the money that many seek to earn, you teach life, teach the way of thinking. I am very grateful to you, and I hope you will pursue with your work.
Dmitry Timergazin
Oskar, I know that you read the comments, so I just have to express my sincerest gratitude to you! Your videos didn’t change me easily, but completely transformed me into the best version in less than 3 months. I have been striving for self-development all my life, but it was only from your videos that I heard (really heard, not listened to) and implemented the attitudes and truths that you shared. This is the most valuable information in my entire life and for me it really is the commandments by which I already live now. I am now simply amazed at people who do not hear this most valuable information or sit and criticize. Apparently, not everyone can understand and apply it, but you should know that there are people who listen to every word and greedily absorb information. Therefore, once again thank you so much for making our lives better and extending a helping hand to those who want to get out of the swamp of «normality». This is the legacy that will remain after you in other people! Thanks again and looking forward to new videos!
Dmitry Tymonyuk
Thank you very much, Oskar! Thank you for trying to change the world around you. Please keep up the good work. I will be inspired by your example and also try to leave my mark on history. Thanks again to you and people like you!
Dmitry Kpin
Oskar, thank you so much for the video! At first I just looked at it, then revised it a second time, wrote out all the aspects, all the practices, asked myself the question: What actions can I take to perform these practices? As a result, I wrote a whole list of actions that need to be done, recorded them in the calendar and I will do it!
Elena Erdei
Oskar, thank you for sharing your experience) I periodically return to the notes in the notebook from your videos and every time I find something new, rethink. We still need to grow up to something, but it’s really useful) Thank you for your work!
Dmitry Alexandrovich
Oskar, thank you for your content, you are one of those who inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and move to a big city to start over and reboot my life! thank you so much
Pavel Usachev
Oskar, bought the book «Just Do It» from the first batch with an autograph, read it with pleasure! An incredible story of overcoming, each video charges for the action «Work with what you have», you should not postpone goals, the best time to start is now. Thanks for the motivation!
Alexey Vitchenko
Oskar!!! Super edition. Super motivation. A lot of emotions in such a small video. Oskar, you’re a genius. The guys are right. Oskar, you’re our entourage. Thank you for the hints about things that are nearby, but we don’t notice them.
Dmitry Gerasimovich
Oskar, you’re inspiring. Not by the video itself, but by the fact that you find the time and energy to do such great things and do them very efficiently. I shake your hand.
Maxim Dolgopolov
Bravo! Thank you Oskar, for spending your precious time on raising the level of Russian entrepreneurs, including the youngest ones. Knowing how much your time is approximately worth, nothing but a feeling of admiration and great respect comes! Thank You very much for changing for the better the lives of thousands of people, including mine!
Dmitry Vinnikov
Oskar, thank you for everything you do, you gave a boost to many, just do it, do it easy
alex russ
Oscar thank you, it’s valuable! Thank you for showing how huge the invisible part of the iceberg of changes is, while listening to a lot of thoughts arose, we need to check them, thank you!
Stanislav Mavzyutov
Oscar, this is the most valuable accurate and inspiring video of all that I have watched over the past year. There are so many thoughts at once, I can’t, I’m just shaking with the desire to start creating solutions! And in the sphere of games, and in the sphere of people, and in the sphere of the house! Thank you so much!
Oksana Lozhkina
Thank you, Oscar! I recorded part of the video about «tomorrow» on a dictaphone and set it to the alarm signal, it motivates me very much!
Sergey Kholodovich
Kirill Panda
Oscar you are an outstanding person, thank you for such videos! The words are charging, and the music is just a miracle! A real man! Said — done!
Emir Musaelyan
Oscar, thank you. Very cool. Everything is coming back in the world, you are sincerely engaged in philanthropy, and we are sincerely happy for you. Thank you Oscar, Thank you Mentor))
Vlad Sholudchenko
Thank you Oscar for this video, it made me realize that I still have everything ahead of me and the most important thing is to get up and start acting. Thank you very much!
Stanislav Gulyaev
Oscar, thank you, and even more thank you to your audience and for the comments they wrote! I watched the video — a lot of positive emotions. I read the comments — emotions overwhelm. People — you are cool, I wish everyone to fulfill their goals and build their lives with their own hands!
Sergey Golikov
Oscar, you’re a fantastic person. There are people who say and you don’t believe them, no matter what the result is behind them. And there are people like you who speak, show by example how reality is changing. It’s valuable. And be at least 1000 times talented without hard work, discipline and focus, there will be no result. Thanks for the video
Roma Novitsky
Thank you very much. The strongest motivation. You have excellent professionals who create your videos, they come in great!
Dmitry Melnikov
I watched this video many times a year ago, when my life seemed to have completely collapsed. But I was able to turn my story of suffering into a story of prosperity. Thank you, Oscar.
Grigory Rumyantsev
GOOD CONTENT!, Thank you Oscar, keep up the good work! it’s amazing that you present such a good thing, but there are few subscribers and likes, So we give Oscar likes if you think his content is one of the best that is on YouTube!
Sergey Alexandrovich
Oscar, thank you for your videos, for sharing how you achieve your goals, for the motivation that comes from you! And thank you to the team that makes your videos, too! Cool editing, inserts and tracks
Vyacheslav Raskolnikov
Awesome, I’m reviewing this video, it’s very charged. I decided to answer for myself and describe what tomorrow and then is, and what consequences it leads me to tomorrow and then!!! 🔥🔥
Dmitry Vorobyov
Great video, thanks a lot! the phrase «Tomorrow is the most dangerous word, only the word later is more dangerous» should be engraved on every page of the diary and remind yourself every time the brain tries to give slack, strong words, thank you!)
Vitaly Tsyganok
Oscar, write down more of these motivating affirmations, it’s definitely yours, with great pleasure I will saturate my subconscious with your attitudes! I bow low for your activity, you are very inspiring!!!
Marat Brovkin
Oscar, thank you for the video! I have been using the topic about «living in the moment» for the last two weeks after reading the book A Short Way To Happiness. And this video once again fixed in my head this idea that I have only Today. Tomorrow is an illusion. I wish you all success, awareness and awakening! 🙂
Dmitry Slabovsky
HELLO DEAR OSCAR!!! Thank you so much for your efforts!!! Every time I watch and enjoy your mood and love for the body, life and everything and everything around. Thank you and wish you life harmony and all the best!!!Divine love is felt, may God give you further inspiration and prosperity!!! You are a great example for people!!! I hope to get to know you personally!!!
Nikita Dashchuk
This is the strongest video I’ve seen on the Oscar channel! You need to take notes of every word and repeat it every morning like a mantra! I am grateful to you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do!
Vyacheslav Romanov
Thank you, Oscar, the strongest motivator. Accidentally saw this video. I watched it for the first time while in the hospital in maxillofacial surgery. I postponed the solution of the problem with my teeth until tomorrow and worked out, I arrived urgently, I lost two healthy teeth. The video helped to rethink the attitude to life, and left two teeth as a reminder that tomorrow will never come, there is only today.
Viktor Simonov
Oscar! Thank you very much! I am 62 years old and listening to your videos I rise in all directions of my life. You have a lot of directions in business, but I think that the most you do is give people faith that everything will work out. We really need you! Here is such a weak lazy thinking that nothing is too late. I have a dream that when I change my life. I want to meet you and thank you for changing people’s lives despite your age.
Alexander Vanin
Oscar, what are you doing? Deep consciousness, even to tears, already at the 4th minute! It’s just that this topic is close to me now, I also have to overcome myself…tomorrow is really an illusion — there is only today.
Arina Semenets
Thank you, Oscar, for the work you are doing! For me, you are the best of all motivators. You look at you, and you appear inside. hope and faith in your strength. P.S. Practicing gratitude in the morning, I thank you every day that YouTube showed me your video.
Lera Barnes
Oscar, thank you very much! Quite by chance I came across a video with your participation a year ago. To be honest, the surname attracted me. And now I’m watching all your video blogs. You just turned my mind upside down! Thanks to you, I began to think about starting my own business! Although I was engaged in business in my youth, but, as it often happens, under the pressure of the environment, I gave up this occupation. Each of your issues is full of useful insights, but the last one is just a bomb! I express my great gratitude to you for motivating people like me! Share your thoughts and experiences, do not chase subscribers and short-term fame, but make high-quality and really useful content! Thank you for being there! Thanks to you, I want to live, create and create!
Alexander Ovchinnikov
Very much!!! When watching this video, I experienced again one incident from my life, a case that changed my life BEFORE and AFTER Attending an event, I decided for myself that I was leaving the hiring, but it was one o’clock in the morning and it remained to postpone the actions to make this decision for tomorrow. The fear that tomorrow I will look for excuses not to do this — made me stay up all night. Until seven in the morning, without closing my eyes, I was looking forward to a new life, I didn’t even know what I was going to do, I just wanted to change everything. In the morning I called the boss and said that I was quitting, almost a year has passed since that day. It wasn’t easy, but I’m happy now that I didn’t put it off until tomorrow. Oscar, thank you for such content, you are changing people here and now.
Luisa Galimov
Oscar, thank you for what you are doing! Please continue. After the experience of reading a lot of books, passing a bunch of trainings (BM, Ayaz, etc.), I realized one simple thing — just do and learn from experience. Because the fact, the reality changes only the action. There are no magic pills, no secrets, you just need to work hard, enjoy it, learn from mistakes, manage your own emotional state. This can all be achieved by well-known rules: eat right, exercise, keep your word and just do it!
Anton Dudkevich
Oscar, thank you so much! This is a very powerful video. It’s amazing, nowadays it just exists and I can just watch it 🙂
Dmitry Golubev
Dear Oscar, thank you for what you are doing. I’m 41 and I’m starting my own business. I used to earn 20 thousand a month, and now I’m starting my company from scratch. If it wasn’t for your videos, I would never have changed my mindset. My dream is to help people over 40, to pass on my experience to them, if I succeed. And, of course, to meet you live and thank you.
Write thanks