Oskar Hartmann is a business angel. Over the last 10 years he has invested in 100 companies, 14 of which became worth more than 1b. Oskar Hartmann was ranked 18th on CBINSIGHTS’ list of the world’s top 100 business angels in 10 years! He also established Hartmann Holdings. Hartmann Holdings is a private family owned investment holding company mainly active in venture capital, ecommerce, market places, real estate and the entertainment industry. They invest in businesses that are in pursuit to create long term value. They know and understand the businesses they invest in and are active owners. With this strategy they participated in As one of themost visible figures in the business world, he regularly shares his insights on a range of topics including investing, critical thinking, leadership development and motivation through engaging speeches and events. His vast experience makes him an authority on business leadership and an invaluable resource for any organization seeking to improve performance in today’s complex global business environment. Oskar Hartmann currently has several speaking programs for top management and conducts board meetings for market leaders. For more information, please see the PDF document at the link below.
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