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Oskar Hartmann was born in 1982 to a German family in Jambyl, what is now Kazakhstan. He spent his early childhood in a small village called Birlik (formerly Kokterek) in the Jambyl region. At the age of eight, Oskar and his family emigrated to Germany where the future entrepreneur spent his youth. At 17, Oskar went to the United States and attended high school in Ohio as an exchange student,where he perfected his English and immersed himself in American society. It was during this experience that he became fascinated with American business and entrepreneur culture. Upon returning home to Germany, Oskar graduated with the highest honors from his technical high school. In 2004, prior to attending university, Oskar was obligated to fulfill his service in the German military. Oskar chose an alternative civilian service, which he undertook in Russia at the Central Children’s Clinical Hospital in Moscow, the largest children’s hospital in Europe. During his time in Russia, Oskar quickly became fluent in Russian. Upon completion of his service, Oskar returned to Germany to attend one of the top international business schools in Europe, WHU University — Otto Beisheim School of Management, where he received his degree in International Economics. While at WHU, Oskar was recognized as a top student and was chosen for prestigious internships at multinational companies such as BMW in Malaysia, Boston Consulting Group, and GameGoods UG in Cologne. To complete his recent American and Russian experiences, Oskar spent several semesters as an MBA exchange student at the University of Hawaii in the U.S., and also at the Financial University in Moscow.

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Oskar started his entrepreneurial career in Germany, where he founded an online sports nutrition store. In 2010, he next created Sapato, an online shoe store. Continuing in retail ventures, he subsequently created a live-TV store called Shopping Live which brought quality European products to the Russian market and quickly became the sales leader among its competitors and imitators. Oskar’s quick successes as an early entrepreneur in building businesses from scratch soon drew the attention of partners, investors, and acquirers. In 2012, Sapato was acquired by Ozon, enabling Oskar to become a shareholder of Ozon.ru. Soon thereafter, Oskar sold his majority share in Shopping Live, a liquidity event which allowed him to reinvest his capital into launching several new enterprises of his own: Teamo, Carprice, Relevant Media, HomeMarket, Aktivo, Vitaportal, AutoSpot, Iqcard, Hlebnoe mesto and several internet companies.

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Oskar Hartmann is a venture capitalist and is widely recognized as one of the world’s most successful business angels. He is a co-founder and partner of Fast Lane Ventures, Simile Ventures Partners, and LARIX funds. Oskar has had extraordinary success investing across a wide array of international companies such as: Auto1 Group, Casacanda (fab.com), Frontier Car Group, Fashion And You, Sukar, Nanjacart, June Homes, and Flaschenpost.de. Oskar’s venture investment portfolio includes more than 70 companies, many of which are invested through his family holding entity, Hartmann Holdings. Fourteen of his investments have already reached a $1 billion-plus capitalization, propelling Oskar to “unicorn angel’ status. By 2018, he was listed as one of Germany’s 1,000 wealthiest residents. Recognized by numerous global awards, including “Investment Mastert” at EY’s Russia Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 awards, Oskar is not only an award-winner, he also acts as an ambassador and an active participant in several annual competitions for his fellow entrepreneurs such as the “Breakthrough of the Year” and the “EY-Entrepreneur of the Year” awards. Oskar’s philosophy revolving around his investments is simple: He views all the processes leading up to making an investment as a pathway for exploring and experiencing all that the world offers. His investment goals have always been to seek new ideas and support strong values that transform the world and its citizens for the better.

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Oskar balances his lifelong entrepreneurial and investing pursuits with a versatile personal life and many hobbies. In 2017, he launched his YouTube channel which today has 30 million viewers. His videos provide numerous practical tips and useful information for those looking to launch their own entrepreneurial or investing careers. Beyond providing business advice, Oskar gives equal importance to what he sees as the most important question: “What brings fulfillment and happiness to a person’s life?” Along this theme, Oskar is the author of a bestselling book Just Do It! Do it Easy which has sold over 150,000 copies. The book provides a detailed guide for entrepreneurs and individuals seeking best-practices and tips to successfully manage their lives and achieve their goals. In the book, Oskar focuses on strategic thinking and building an action plan that helps readers to achieve their goals. Many readers have found this self-discovery angle to be valuable, allowing them to create their unique paths to happiness and fulfillment, rather than focusing on Oskar’s achievements and success as a universal recipe for everyone to follow. Oskar is also an accomplished athlete. He competes regularly in indoor rowing, swimming, running, and is a prolific parachute jumper. In 2019, Oskar broke Australian rower Benjamin Smith’s world rowing record for 100-meter sprint in St. Petersburg, Russia. As a testament to Oskar’s impressive work and life balance, he achieved this milestone during his participation at the 2019 Synergy Conference in St. Petersbury, one of the largest business forums in the world. In 2021, Oskar started what has become his newest sports passion — professional cycling. Mentored by world champion and Russian Olympic medalist Denis Dmitriev, Oskar is actively pursuing a master of cycling certificate while simultaneously managing each of his businesses.

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Oskar Hartmann has enjoyed an extremely successful initial 20 years of entrepreneurship. He has launched new businesses, achieved successful exits, and has made a string of strategic investments in various tech unicorns. This success has provided him the financial resources to live comfortably and to care for his family. Oskar receives a steady flow of emails and notes of gratitude from people who have benefited from Oskar’s philosophy and teachings via his book and his YouTube channel. This feedback energizes him and provides incentive to develop new ideas and to keep active, but also has inspired him to look for ways to ‘give back’ to others and help guide them on their path towards their own goals and aspirations. Everything Oskar does is based on his philosophy of creating a full and happy life, and to help others identify and defeat the hurdles that prevent them from achieving their goals. He helps them see what is holding them back rather than advancing forward happiness and fulfillment. Oskar is deeply convinced that the most important component of a successful and fulfilling life is action. Only action can turn dreams into reality. “I am a man of action and construction. These aremy main values, my habits, a muscle that I train every day.” All of Oskar’s initiatives, organizations and teachings are aimed at inspiring people to get off the couch and start acting. The goal of this entrepreneur is to inspire others by using his own example to convince them to advance towards the life they dream of.

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Oskar Hartmann is one of the most highly sought-after speakers at industry events and conferences. He talks openly about the importance of having an active approach to business and life, as well as the benefits of positive thinking. Oskar devotes a significant part of his time to the development of entrepreneurship around the world. His initiatives are aimed at supporting the potential of young, talented people to become successful entrepreneurs. More than 20,000 people a year participate in programs and seminars created by Oskar entrepreneurship. Oskar not only has created, but also oversees, many communities for entrepreneurs: The Preaktum Leadership Program is an educational ecosystem that connects companies and young entrepreneurs. Interactive courses from leading experts at global companies are held on its educational platform. Participants can study marketing, sales, programming, business models and economics. Equium is a business community that unites entrepreneurs who are able to build multibillion-dollar companies that also support socially transformative activities to change society for the better. This community aims to improve human well-being through the development of entrepreneurship and the popularization of positive role models. PRO Women is an international non-profit community created to help women improve their lives by assisting them in launching businesses, achieving goals, and realizing their dreams with the support of like-minded groups.

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During the first ten years of his entrepreneurial activity, Oskar successfully managed all his projects, maximizing the opportunities they offered. After reaching a certain level of success and achieving financial security for himself and his family, Oskar decided to focus on giving back. . Remembering how the scholarship he received helped him back in the day, Oskar set a goal of helping others on their own path towards their goals and aspirations. Letters full of gratitude and feedback from people who have benefited from Oskar’s teachings fill him with energy and are his incentive to further self-development. Everything Oskar Hartmann does is dedicated to the notion of living a good life. He explores what is necessary to create a full and happy life, and what hampers these processes and pulls a person down. Oskar is deeply convinced that the most important component of a successful and fulfilling life is action. After all, it is action that turns dreams into reality. “I am a man of action and man of construction. This is my main value, my habit, a muscle that I train every day.” “Action, and helping others to take action, is the foundation of success. Every step taken advances us closer to our goals.” All of Oskar’s initiatives, organizations and appeals are aimed at helping people get off the couch and start acting. The ultimate goal is to inspire others by using his own example, to guide them forward on the journey towards the life they dream of.

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In addition to his philosophy of action, Oskar lives by a code of conduct that he defined for himself, called “decathlon.”Oskar firmly believes that one should not put all of their effort and time into a single area of focus, whether it be business, career, education, sports or family. If one makes the mistake of not balancing priorities, then the other components of life will suffer as a result. Oskar believes that harmony in life is achieved when a person can effectively balance multiple important areas of focus at the same time. . The best entrepreneurs show that it is possible to be an active person, constantly advancing towards their dreams, and at the same time exhibiting balance and harmony with himself. Oskar explains that by doing this with great diligence it is quite feasible. “If you can effectively distribute your energy across the key components of your life — family, career, relationships, health and hobbies — you will achieve a calm, zen-like ability to focus in life.” Concentrating his attention not only on business, Oskar has identified 10 crucial pillars in life that contribute to his definition of success: Positivity: Remaining an optimistic, , energetic, life-loving person Husband: Sustaining a long-term, devoted relationship Father: Providing unconditional love and support to his children Family: Actively participating in his tribe as a son, brother, cousin and uncle Fraternity: Being a trusted and reliable friend and partner Businessman: Constructing, innovating and leading teams to create the impossible Investor: Balancing risk with potential, providing guidance and monetary support Philanthropist: Helping other entrepreneurs by sharing experience, connections and time Health: Challenging his body as a high-performance athlete to progress every day Mind & soul: Always nourishing his brain, soul and spirit to be aware and conscious of others In his book Just Do It! Do it Easy! and on his YouTube, Instagram and Telegram channels, Oskar urges others to nurture their own decathlon pillars. He explains how to apply these principles of balance and focus in your own life, and why composure is essential for achieving harmony and success, not only as an entrepreneur, but foremost as a person.

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The life strategy and business plan of entrepreneur Oskar Hartmann is to achieve everything through constant action to always be faster and braver than others and not be afraid to try new things. From the age of 11, when the young Oskar got his first job, until today, with his companies reaching a capitalization of five billion US dollars, Oskar is guided by his philosophy of action. An entrepreneur, according to Oskar, is someone who can take an idea and bring it to life.

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Oskar Hartmann has been happy for many years in his one and only marriage. He is married to Tatiana Hartmann, with whom the entrepreneur has three children: two sons and a daughter. Oskar met his future wife while still a student in Moscow on an experience exchange program. Tatiana is Oskar’s loyal companion in all spheres of life, and her love, solidarity and support provide a foundation for the family’s success.

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Oskar Hartmann is a business angel. Over the last 10 years he has invested in 100 companies, 14 of which became worth more than 1b. Oskar Hartmann was ranked 18th on CBINSIGHTS' list of the world's top 100 business angels in 10 years! He also established Hartmann Holdings. Hartmann Holdings is a private family owned investment holding company mainly active in venture capital, ecommerce, market places, real estate and the entertainment industry. They invest in businesses that are in pursuit to create long term value. They know and understand the businesses they invest in and are active owners. With this strategy they participated in As one of themost visible figures in the business world, he regularly shares his insights on a range of topics including investing, critical thinking, leadership development and motivation through engaging speeches and events. His vast experience makes him an authority on business leadership and an invaluable resource for any organization seeking to improve performance in today's complex global business environment. Oskar Hartmann currently has several speaking programs for top management and conducts board meetings for market leaders. For more information, please see the PDF document at the link below.

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