• Global investor

Oskar Hartmann

  • Athlete, cyclist, sprinter, rower

  • Husband 20+ years, father of four children

  • Philanthropist

  • Serial entrepreneur

  • International speaker

  • #18 top business angel in the world

  • Unicorn creator & hunter

  • Entrepreneur community builder

  • Author of multiple books


OsKar Hartmann was born in 1982 in Kazakhstan
  • At the age of eight, Oskar moved to Germany with his family.
  • At 17, he moved to the USA to study English.
  • He received education in Germany, Russia, and the USA.
  • In 2010, he founded Sapato and Russia's first TV shopping channel, Shopping Live.
  • In 2012, Sapato was acquired by Ozon.

Oskar Hartmann is a
results-driven serial entrepreneur and a visionary investor
Hartmann has been at the inception of unicorns such as Auto1, Sennder, Cars24 and Spinny, which are revolutionizing various industries.
Founder and investor in over 150 international companies
EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™
Ambassador of the Breakthrough of the Year


Ernst & Young™
Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015
150+ companies
Cumulative capitalization of his investments
$20 billion
53 companies
Fellowships by Oskar Hartmann
Programs for those wishing to achieve extraordinary results in business and life. The flagship program, Unicorn Fellowship, provides guidance on how to grow a company to a valuation of over $1 billion under direction of experienced mentor and investor, Oskar Hartmann.

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From investments and critical thinking to leadership and motivation — Oskar is able to share valuable insights and real-life experience on today’s most critical topics.
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Oskar Hartmann — Author of the bestseller "Just Do It! Do it Easy!" and the new book "Alternate"
Oskar shares his personal experiences and proven strategies for achieving his goals in business and life.
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    In 2019, Oskar Hartmann sets world record in 100-meter sprint rowing at the Synergy Business Forum in St. Petersburg
    Oskar Hartmann is a true sports hero who conquers new heights in various sports. He immerses himself in indoor rowing, swimming, running, and skydiving, demonstrating incredible endurance and fearlessness.
    In 2021, Oskar became a professional track cyclist. His coach is a world champion in track cycling and honored sports master, Denis Dmitriev.


    Oskar & Tatiana Hartmann have been married for 20 years, they are raising four children
    The couple places great importance on family values and personal involvement in the development of their children. Oskar is grateful to Tatiana for helping him remain human and protecting him from turning into a business machine, and creating harmony in his life.


    Decathlon: Oskar’s authentic philosophy of life calls for us not to limit ourselves to one sphere but to strive for equal development in all domains
    Business, career, family, sports, creativity–all aspects must be equal, in harmony and compliment each other. Oskar believes joining all of life’s pursuits is the only way to achieve true balance and happiness.


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