Oskar Hartmann is an outstanding serial entrepreneur and a visionary investor with a unique talent for creating and developing unicorn companies

His impeccable instinct for prospective ideas and the ability to transform them into successful business projects have earned him a reputation as one of the most influential players in the startup world.

Hartmann has been at the inception of unicorns such as Auto1, Sennder, Cars24, and Spinny, revolutionizing various industries.

Oskar Hartmann is a true visionary, creating the companies of the future and shaping new horizons in the business world

The secret to Oskar's success lies in his exceptional ability to identify innovative solutions for traditional problems and create companies that change the rules of the game in their industries.

His contribution to the development of the global startup ecosystem is invaluable, and his successes inspire aspiring entrepreneurs.
Founder and investor in over 150 international companies
150 +
The cumulative capitalization of the companies
$20 billion
EY-Entrepreneur of the year
Ambassador of the "Breakthrough of the Year"
Ernst & Young
"Entrepreneur of the Year 2015"
Investments in commercial real estate
Online clothing store
Dating site for serious relationships
Service for buying out cars
Service for purchasing new cars
Platform for selling and buying cars
Food and groceries delivery service
Logistics, transportation, and shipping
Marketplace for farmers and restaurateurs
Car sales service
Sapato - sold to OZON
Grocery delivery
Cars 24
Frontier Car Group


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