Oskar Hartmann is a well-known entrepreneur, philanthropist, athlete, and the author of the bestseller "Just Do It! Do it Easy!" and the new book "Alternate"

Oskar's books are the quintessence of his rich experience in business and life, an honest account of ups and downs, inspiration, and a practical guide for everyone who wants to live a full life, achieve goals, and be happy.

"Just Do It! Do it Easy!" Book

In this book, the author explains how to transform your story of suffering into a story of prosperity. This book is for you if:

  • You lack self-discipline
  • It seems that the time to act has not yet come
  • Failures have broken you
  • Attempts have not led to results
  • You need additional motivation
Use this book as an opportunity to start anew, with new strength and differently.

"Alternate. How to Achieve Goals and Be Happy" Book

In his new book, Oskar Hartmann develops his ideas and introduces the concept of Alternate—a dynamic approach to life balance. It helps achieve ambitious goals in various spheres while remaining a happy person. You will learn how to:

  • Build your personal life decathlon
  • Utilize the advantages of "mini-lives"
  • Engage the power of the communities around you
  • Achieve dynamic equilibrium between different spheres
NEW book
By applying the author's ideas, you can realize yourself in career, relationships, family, hobbies, and sports, reaching a new level of life.


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